Preschool Pediatric Check-up!

There is very little time left until the beginning of the new school year.
We must not forget to assess the health of our children during the preparation for school, especially to assess their immune status in the fight against COVID-19.

Preschool Pediatric check-up includes:
✅COVID-19 Ig G test
✅ Pediatrician's appointment
✅ Neurologist’s appointment
✅ LOR appointment
✅ Ophthalmologist's appointment
✅ Anthropometry
✅ General analysis of blood
✅ General analysis of urine
✅ General analysis of feces and determination of worm eggs
✅ Abdominal Ultrasoud Examination

You must register in advance to protect your health.
Age range 5-16 years old.
The campaign is valid until October 1.