In the Department of Traumatology and Orthopedics of our center we organize both diagnosis and treatment of large and small injuries. Minor injuries include pathologies such as "carpal tunnel syndrome, tennis elbow" associated with overload and repetitive strain. In addition, there are strains, tears and simple fractures of the tendons and ligaments around the shoulder, elbow, hand, pelvis, knee, ankle caused by falls and physical activity.

When you apply to our traumatology and orthopedics department, the orthopedic surgeon of our center will conduct a full medical examination. We will perform a physical examination and allow you to fully express your complaints. In addition, we will conduct tests that measure the amplitude of movements associated with your locomotor system, muscle strength, and how the peripheral nerves work.

Diagnostic examinations:

  1. X-RAY (Radiography)
  2. Ultrasound Examination

If necessary, we can resort to examination methods such as CT, MRI, emg (electromyography), bone densitometry (dexa scanner).

Treatment Criteria

  1. Non-surgical treatment methods

    Most injuries can be treated without the need for surgery. For example, the initial treatment for arthritic pathologies, sometimes accompanied by knee pain and seizures, is a weight loss and physical activity program. In addition, local injections and dressings can relieve pain in many cases.

  2. Methods of surgical treatment:
  • all types of trauma (fracture) surgery
  • hand surgery
  • arthroplasty (prosthesis of the hip and knee)
  • arthroscopic interventions (meniscectomy, reconstruction of the anterior cruciate ligament)
  • Surgery of pediatric orthopedic defects, etc.