Service at the address

Sometimes we can't leave where we are. And our health does not depend on time and space. In this case, the greatest help is the arrival of medical care to us - to our home or where we are.

Leyla Medical Center, which is part of the Reference Medical Group, is always with its patients with the “SERVICE AT THE ADDRESS” project to take care of their patients' health at any time and at any address. Examination service at the address is also the best way to get a comfortable and convenient medical service without having to queue at the hospital, change the direction of the route, wait in traffic jams and disturb the comfort. With one call, the qualitative medical service of Leyla Medical Center will come to the address where you are located. The following services are provided at the address within the examination:

  1. Laboratory examinations at the address (about 4000)
  2. Call a doctor
  3. Vaccines
  4. Infusions and bandages
  5. All kinds of check-ups
  6. Instrumental examinations (ECG, EXO, Holter, Ultrasound examination, neurosonography, X-ray)
  7. Delivery of medicines.

Calling a doctor, especially the provision of pediatrician services at the address, examination of our children without leaving the place where they are accustomed to, carrying out timely vaccinations are beneficial for parents (especially working parents)!

Changing the bandages for long-term bedridden patients and postoperative patients, performing infusions will be a great help to many families.

The purpose of our Center is to make every patient feel valued by providing prompt, qualitative medical care in accordance with the requirements of the day.

You deserve it!

One call is enough!

The service is at your address.

For more information, please contact: * 0101 call center or 012 490 21 31, 012 490 18 58 landlines and mobile operators via 050 225 73 30 and 50 225 44 54.