Quality policy

It is aimed at ensuring the provision of different high-quality medical services to the patients, as well as, corporate clients of our Center and improving the efficiency of the personnel.

Main principles of the policy of our Center:

  • Client service orientation
    We try to meet the demands and expectations of our clients as much as possible by providing high-quality service of the provided medical services and by actively interacting with clients;
  • Management and involved personnel
    Senior Management provides its quality aims and their control, including the involvement of personnel in achieving them;
  • Professionalism
    Senior Management ensures continuous increasement of the professional level of its personnel based on regular monitoring;
  • The processual approach
    The management of the quality of the services rendered is based on ensuring the efficiency of each business process related to the formation of services and regular monitoring of compliance of business processes with the established criteria.
  • Continuous improvement
    It is ensured by applying the innovations based on results of continuous improvement of processes, assessment of risks, assessment of compliance of rendered services with established criteria, development of corrective actions, including studying of current and emerging demands of clients;
  • The management of mutual relations
    We ensure long-term and mutually beneficial cooperation on the basis of mutual confidence and respect of each participant of the partnership relations;
  • Confidentiality
    We understand the significance of keeping information confidential and provide security of information containing confidential information, also prevent the loss, misuse, unauthorized access, distribution and alteration of such information;

The Senior Management provides the continuous improvement of quality management system based on the above-mentioned principles and forms a team consisting of like-minded people who try to meet the daily demands of client, and also undertake to ensure that quality policies and aims are up to date.

Leyla Medical Center tries to achieve the above listed by applying management system in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 international standard. The Clinic also includes a commitment to meet the demands of our clients, to study opinions of the clients, as well as legislation and regulatory acts.

Directors, managers and employees take responsibility for quality control in accordance with the Quality Management System. They encourage suppliers and subcontractors to cooperate with their work by striving continuous improvement based on regular analysis. Leyla Medical Center complies with ISO 9001:2015 requirements and tries to meet the needs of the interested parties, consumers by using the quality procedures.