Our international relations

Being a multidisciplinary clinic, our center works in cooperation with clients both in the country and foreign countries.

Internationally, as part of its corporate relationships with leading medical hospitals, Leyla Medical Center regularly provides both direct and online consultations for its patients with foreign doctors. Depending on the applications, Leyla Medical Center establishes relations with Turkey, Belorussia, Germany, the Baltics countries and other countries. The clinic's doctors, together with the patients, receive advices from world-class specialists on the direction and organization of treatment. The experience gained in the joint cooperation of foreign specialists and local professionals allows to provide a high level of medical care to citizens. At present, this service is mostly provided by our center together with the “Memorial Health Group” of Turkey through the Online Doctor Service for patients and successful results are being achieved. At the same time, through this service, patients avoid the loss of distance and time, as well as benefit from a doctor's appointment and accurate differential diagnosis, which meets international standards at a lower cost.

It should be noted that, unlike direct doctor appointments in a pandemic, the best way to consult foreign doctors is online consultation.

In the list of preventive measures taken from the first moment of the spread of the Covid-19 virus, the transition to the online consultation service of both local and foreign doctors is considered as one of the most successful methods of medical appointment. Referans Medical Group provides this service through a network of clinics (LEYLA Medical Center, Reference Laboratory Center, Reference Polyclinic, LOR Hospital, Mobile Medical Service Train).

For more information, *0101 call center and contact number +994775930033 are at your service.