General surgery

The surgery block of “Leyla Medical Center” consists of surgery rooms equipped with the latest and high quality modern equipment. It is possible to perform 6 surgeries in parallel in the surgery block of our Clinic. The resuscitation and inpatient department is fully equipped and has experienced staff to provide professional medical care to our patients before and after the surgery. All vital signs of the patient are constantly monitored for 24 hours. The operating room and surgery department are staffed by professionals. The equipment and drugs used in anesthesiology meet the latest standards. The specialized doctors of our Clinic performs various types of small and large surgeries. The Department of General Surgery successfully performs gallbladder and bile duct surgery, gastrointestinal surgery, endocrine and bariatric surgery, hernia repair, pancreas surgery, phlebology and many other surgeries, including major surgeries. Using the modern equipment of the surgical block and the professionalism of our surgeons, all surgeries are performed using the latest methods, whether laparoscopic, laser and microscopic, as well as open and classical methods. Patients' recovery takes less time because the surgeries are performed in the most modern ways. In order to improve surgical techniques and methods, our doctors and nurses regularly travel abroad, exchanging experience with major medical centers around the world.