Child health center

Children's Health Center of Leyla Medical Center consists of inpatient, outpatient, resuscitation, neonatology and polyclinic departments, equipped with modern equipment that meets the most modern standards and an experienced pediatric staff serving you 7/24. The doctors of our Center specialized abroad carry out examination, diagnosis and treatment of all types of pediatric diseases in accordance with international protocols.

The staff of professional doctors and nurses working day and night in the inpatient department of our Center pays maximum care and attention to patients treated in the hospital. Our pediatric polyclinic carries out all types of scheduled vaccinations, home examinations, patronage, monthly examinations of healthy children, all types of laboratory and instrumental examinations included in the most convenient and comprehensive pediatric "check up" packages in accordance with the state vaccination program appointed by the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Azerbaijan.

Thank you on behalf of our Center for entrusting your most valuables to us!